Get the Website Your Company Deserves TODAY - But Pay for it in a Year (Interest Free!)

With Central Coast SEO & Web Design you can get an amazing, fully responsive WordPress website built TODAY – but pay for it over twelve months, interest-free! Yup, you read that correctly. Sign up TODAY and you can get the website you’ve always dreamed of live on the internet within 2-4 weeks – but not have to pay for it for a whole year!

No business loan required. No credit check required. No hassle. No fuss. Just a spectacular website earning your company money today;  while you get to pay for it tomorrow!

Websites Start at Just $1,000 + GST & Come With 12 Month's FREE Hosting!

We understand that cashflow is the heartbeat of a small business like yours. We know this because we’re a local small business too. SO WE GET IT. We know all too well that running a small business successfully requires you to keep the lights on during the quiet times, so you’re still in business to enjoy it when things get busy. This is why we’ve designed a range of web design packages that start at just $68.20 + GST per month. Because you need your website live and earning your company money, today. So let Central Coast SEO & Web Design shoulder the financial burden of designing and building your website for you, by spreading out the cost of your build over an entire year. Interest free.


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Our Websites Are Designed & Built Locally on the Central Coast

Central Coast SEO & Web Design specialise in building SEO optimised, fully responsive (ie. great for desktop, tablet, AND mobile) WordPress websites for small businesses and SMEs throughout Australia. So whether your company is a mid-sized SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) company, or else operates in the more modest SOHO (Single Owner Home Operator) space, Central Coast SEO & Web Design can build you the website you’ve always wanted – without breaking the bank!

We Build All Our Websites Using Google Best Practice Guidelines

The vast majority of web design companies will build your website in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible (usually by outsourcing – unbeknownst to you – the website build to India). And while this budget focused methodology is great for them (their coders bill less hours), it’s AWFUL for Google, due to the way the website is constructed and coded.

Central Coast SEO & Web Design are a 100% Australian owned company based in Point Clare (just five minutes’ drive from the Gosford CBD) and we build ALL our websites so they adhere to Google SEO Best Practice guidelines.

This is a much more labour intensive process, but ensures that when the website is launched, it not only looks amazing, but it gains instant love from Google, due to the way the site’s IA (Information Architecture) is structured and coded, and the way the Googlebot is able to crawl and index the site and the site’s content.

At Central Coast SEO & Web Design we don’t sweat the hours it takes to build the website; we sweat the outcomes.

Ph: (02) 4339 4034

Recent Website Examples

Sign up Before March 20 & Get $2,000 Worth of FREE CONTENT for Your Website!

About Central Coast SEO & Web Design

Central Coast SEO & Web Design is an industry leading SEO, web design, and Pay Per Click / Adwords Management company, based in Point Clare on the beautiful Central Coast. With over 19 years’ SEO and web design experience behind us, we are proud to offer clients across the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney regions guaranteed digital marketing solutions for small businesses and SMEs.

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If you have any further questions about Central Coast SEO & Web Design, by all means get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to answer them. We’re a locally based company ourselves and are always happy to meet face to face to discuss your digital marketing requirements.

PH: (02) 4339 4034

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