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Brilliantly written content is the backbone of every digital marketing strategy, as all Central Coast small businesses need high-quality content to engage with their audience and improve their website’s organic search engine rankings.

Most businesses on the Central Coast have difficulty finding an SEO company or a Central Coast web designer to write the content for their website and often end up doing it themselves. There are lots of reasons for this. One of which is because they tend to think: ‘I know how to write, so why should I pay for it?’. And of course, it’s hard to argue with that logic. After all, everyone can write. But there’s a significant difference between writing emails and the odd Facebook diatribe, and being able to write professional web copy that not only resonates with the people reading it, but also ticks all the search engine optimisation boxes that Google needs to be ticked in order to rank the page the content is on.

The other mistake small business owners make in relation to content is when they outsource it to India. Because as in all things in life, you get what you pay for. And businesses that believe that getting someone from another country to write their marketing copy is a good idea, are on a hiding to nothing. As it’s not bad enough that the people writing the copy don’t know the particular businesses industry vertical they’re writing about. But they also wouldn’t know the difference between the Central Coast and the Ivory Coast! Plus, let’s not forget that they’re writing the copy in a second (and sometimes even a third) language. So it isn’t rocket science to figure out that the quality of the copy they supply isn’t going to be anywhere near the required standard. Either for humans or for search engines.

Australia’s Leading SEO Copywriter – Brian M Logan

Central Coast SEO and Web Design offers a premium content marketing service to local Central Coast Small Businesses. We’re able to do this because the company’s founder, Brian M Logan, lives locally, and does all the writing in-house.

Brian is a marketing graduate and an AWARD and Masterclass copywriting graduate (Australia’s leading advertising colleges) and is a professional screenwriter and novelist repped out of Hollywood by William Morris Endeavor, one of the world’s ‘Big 3 agencies. His last book, ‘Monster Town’ was picked up by Sony studios and is being developed with a view to making it into a TV series (akin to ‘True Blood’).

Brian has also been working in the SEO and web industry since 1999/2000, and thus not only brings a vast array of creative writing ability to the table, but he also brings nearly two decades worth of SEO knowledge. The knowledge that is essential to writing words that resonate with Google as well as with people.

We Make a Point of Understanding YOUR Business

No two industries are alike, no matter how closely aligned they may be, as each has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. The same logic holds true to the content marketing requirements of small businesses. Each small business speaks a language all its own, and the content written about it needs to acknowledge this fact. At Central Coast SEO & Web Design we make a point of understanding both the products and services being written about and also the mindset of the customers who use these products and services. Because it’s only by connecting the two that great copy can be written.

Brilliant Content is Just the Beginning

Content marketing is only one piece in a Central Coast small business owner’s marketing strategy of course. They also need a Google optimised Website, SEO, Pay Per Click, EDMs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. But brilliantly written, engaging content has always been and will always be, the single most important aspect of any online marketing strategy. Because if the content that goes out into the world baring the brand message of a company is written poorly, then that business is doomed to failure.

When you need the services of a locally based content marketing and SEO company, look no further than Central Coast SEO and Web Design. With nearly twenty years’ experience behind us, we have an unparalleled track record for delivering quality content to satisfied small business owners, just like you.

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