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The implementation of a Newcastle Google Ads campaign can be unwieldy and off-putting. Consisting as it does of a campaign architecture, bidding strategy, keyword analysis, ad copy optimization, landing page design and more.

The truth is that a badly done Adwords campaign (as Google Ads used to be called) can be a bottomless pit that swallows up your marketing budget like there’s no tomorrow, and where the only winner is Google. Done well Google Ads and Pay Per Click can drive revenue like never before. Done badly and it’ll hamstring your business in three months and cripple it in six.

Adding Value Through Strategically-Planned Adwords Campaigns

Using our extensive experience with Adwords and PPC, the Central Coast SEO & Web Design team will put together a strategy aimed at getting you $3 back for every $1 you spend. That’s the minimum you should be expecting when you run a PPC campaign on Google.

To bring our clients tangible ROI, we harness the power of a multi-million dollar, US-designed Adwords system that works with the latest AI algorithms to forecast, bid and monitor your campaigns in real time, 24/7.

Using this intelligent analytics platform, we significantly scale down your ‘cost per click’ and increase your return on investment, making sure that the ads we put out are high-converting and persuasive.

We Help You to Build Robust SEM Campaigns

Adwords campaigns are only one form of SEM or ‘Search Engine Marketing’. To be effective with your ‘paid’ search and online advertising, you’ll need to understand that Pay Per Click is just one quiver in your digital marketing bow. To really succeed you need a Newcastle SEO Company that can run an omni-channel digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms, simultaneously. This way amortises risk, and prevents you having ‘all your eggs in one basket’.

These options include (but are not limited to):

Retargeting Campaigns. This is an essential channel for those with a large amount of visitors coming to their website; because not every initial click will lead to a conversion. Data proves that it takes between seven and seventeen interactions or ‘touches’ with your brand or business across three to eight different marketing channels for an average customer to gain the trust required to interact with your brand. This statistic demonstrates that you’ll need a well-designed re-marketing strategy to continually ‘touch’ your prospective clients after their initial point of contact with your website.
Facebook Ads. With more than a billion people using the Facebook platform, and the platforms intuitive interface and easy to understand audience-targeting strategies, Facebook ads can be the perfect bolt-on to a PPC campaign. Done well it’ll help build a lead funnel which captures your audiences across multiple touchpoints.
Geo-Fencing. This is the latest form of targeted mobile marketing that allows you to target a specific physical location, and then retarget anyone who enters that building via mobile app engagement technology.
YouTube Adverts. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a thousand pictures. If you’ve got access to professionally shot videos, then using YouTube video adverts offers up a whole new way of ‘touching’ your prospective leads that most of your competition have never even contemplated. And remember, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.

Adwords Management Strategies for Newcastle Businesses

Working with your Newcastle business on your terms is what our SEO company is all about. We’ll liaise with you and help come up with the perfect Adwords and SEM campaign. We’ll help you decide which strategy works best for you and will then implement it to get you the maximum ROI.

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