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How to Develop the Right Content Marketing Plan for SEO Success

Content marketing can make or break your SEO efforts. Here is what it takes to develop a content marketing plan that Google will love. When it comes to choosing the right marketing tactics for your business, nothing beats content. In fact, content marketing has been proven to produce three three times the leads for every dollar spent, compared to paid […]

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Survive Future Google Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly launching new algorithm updates to improve user experience. Follow these steps to protect your site from future Google algorithm changes. Keyword(s): Google algorithm changes If you saw these words: penguin, pirate, panda, payday, what would you think? Probably asking why I’m listing random words that start with the letter P, right? Those are the words for Google […]

10 Game-Changing SEO Trends to Expect in 2020

The rise in voice search, chatbots, and mobile technology will change the SEO world as we know it today. Here are 10 SEO trends to watch out for in 2020. Are you interested in taking your website to the next level? We all know that search engine optimization is the key to web success, but are you familiar with the […]

Google’s Fred Update: What Is It and It Still Matters

Google’s famous Fred update has just turned two. And like a parent who knows their kid is going through the terrible twos, Fred continues to give those impacted cold sweats and sleepless nights. Because back when it was launched, millions of sites experienced a huge shift in traffic after being hit by the tantrum Fred threw. Here’s what you need […]

April 20, 2020
Google and COVID-19 – Central Coast SEO & Web Design

Google and COVID-19 – Why it’s Business as Usual Online in the Cloud

Firstly, the good news: Central Coast SEO & Web Design are OPERATING AS NORMAL during the time of COVID-19 because Google is the cloud. And quite honestly, the cloud is the safest place to be right about now! The only difference for an SEO company like us during this pandemic, is that our team are now working remotely rather than […]

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